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Digital Acceleration Summit 2.0

Frictionless Consumer Experience across all omni channels

08th December, 2022
Marriott Hotel Karachi

Digital Acceleration Summit 2.0

Frictionless Consumer Experience across all omni channels

WHY DX 2.0?

Pakistan is still at generation 1 of the Retail Evolution and world is getting ready for Retail 5.0 where, Customer Managed Relations will be the driver of the business, where retailers will be dealing with devices rather than an actual customer (DaaC). With the belief that, technology can disrupt and skip several steps, we are inviting all stakeholders together to discuss and agree the Industry way forward towards Retail 5.0 – Let’s shape the industry together.


DX 2.0: The best place for you

It's not just different, it's unique, inclusive and better equipped with technological solutions to boost your business investment. It will take you on a journey to experience thought leadership plenary sessions, global case analysis with Q/A session, experience centers providing solutions and actionable round tables for the industry’s aspiring future. We are delighted to launch for the first time ever Exclusive Personalized Consultations with the Big 5 solution providers of the industry. Individual attention will be given to all C-level personnel and decision makers so no-one leaves without an achievable solution to their problems. What an exciting journey to transform your organization's digital strategy!

Advisory Board


Plenary Session

In-depth dialogue on futuristic topics critical for cross-functional leaders to envision the digital future.

Global Case Studies

The implementation considerations through related global case studies will help participants to bring more sense to challenges while moving from good to great in the digital journey.

Round-Table Discussions

Participants, industry leaders & solution providers will have a conversation specifically on industry problem areas & aspired future. This session will transform inspiration to actions for the organizations and for the industry. Outcome will be published through White-Paper.

Exclusive Personalized Consultation

For the first time ever, the pre-shared challenges/opportunities of C-level participants will be resolved through exclusive engagements with the BIG 5 solution providers.

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WHo attended the dx1 summit

Decision makers, policy designers, technologists, business executives, information technology experts, in short all those who believe that today's progress is synonymous to digitization.

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