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5th July Roundtables
6th July Summit & Experience Centers
Marriott Hotel, Karachi

Why should Hospitals go digitally SMART?

Where technology, automation and digitization have revolutionized innumerable industries, why should healthcare be left behind. Its crucial to expedite the hospitals’ digital journey as well to attain a better healing process. Smart Hospital Project is a giant leap into transforming healthcare services in Pakistan through patient data platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, precision medicine, 5G, 3-D printing, augmented reality/virtual reality, genomics, telemedicine, and more.

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How Health-Tech Summit initiated this Project ?

Earlier this year, the first ever Health Tech Summit was held where 75+ top healthcare companies from hospitals, pharmaceuticals, doctor bodies, laboratories, online health solutions along with insurers, technologists and data platform experts were invited who actively discussed the challenges & opportunities involved in Revolutionizing the Patient Experience Digitally! It sowed the seeds for the Smart Hospital Summit to further the cause towards stakeholder’s digital integration leading to better healthcare for all.

Health-Tech Summit Highlights

Reducing physical presence pressure in hospitals through hybrid model, virtual tours & digital therapeutics

Global success stories on AI application, medical tourism & JCI accredited hospitals using technology

How pharmacies, labs, pharma & technology will integrate hospital’s internal & external processes

Teaching Hospitals role as catalyst to produce digital savvy healthcare professionals

Smart Hospital Solutions – The Journey

Summit & Experience Centers

(6th July, 9am – 5pm, Marriott Hotel, Karachi)



Global Success

A Deep Dive into the Digital Journey of Indus Hospital:
How has Indus Hospital become paperless and generated benefits for all stakeholders & patients?


Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies (Hospital internal processes):
How will Predictive Analysis, AI, Cloud & Automations shape up the future of hospitals?


Alleviating Hospital Burden through Digital Facilitation (Wellness + Digital Therapeutics):
Preventive Focus to Reduce Pressure on Hospitals & Healthcare Workers

Global Success

E-Shifa Disrupting Healthcare:
Leveraging Technology to reduce the burden on strained Healthcare Systems through Virtual Care


Scalability through Franchising:
How can technology integrate hospital processes and enable franchising & mobile hospitals?


Enhancing Insurance Integration:
How can Insurance Companies extend the reach to OPD level, Digital Therapeutics, Remote Visits & Integration with Remote Treatment?

Global Success

AKU's Digital Success:
How is AKU's Digitalization Journey generating benefits for Patients & Stakeholders


Churning out Digital-Savvy Health Experts:
How can teaching hospitals produce “digital savvy” next generation of doctors?


The Smart Support Set of PLP :
Pharmaceuticals, Labs, Pharmacies evolving role to support Smart Hospitals


Experience Centers & one to one meetings
with solution providers

AIM Brings Process Driven Companies

Witness Companies who Attended Health Tech Summit 2022


Readiness Stage

5th July, 7pm – 9pm, Marriott Hotel, Karachi

Are existing stakeholders interconnected enough? How can digital technology expedite the adoption?

How can Telemedicine be integrated to promote Therapeutics! How will virtual visits reduce pressure on hospitals?

Medical Tourism: Opportunities, challenges & next steps

Franchising – How can hospitals get scalable through digital inclusion?

Franchising – How can hospitals get scalable through digital inclusion?

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