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Turning a challenge into opportunity, AIM Consulting held a series of webinars during the COVID pandemic. Featuring a diverse range of topics and speakers, the webinars covered discussions about leadership, employee engagement, changing workplaces, and IT integration. We at AIM Consulting consider it our duty to contribute to the society and its people, and the webinars were an innovative way to engage people & distract them from monotonous WFH life.


1st Webinar

IT Industry: Defining Sustainable Future

1st Webinar

IT Industry: Defining Sustainable Future

1st Webinar

IT Industry: Defining Sustainable Future

2nd Webinar

Business Outlook of the Future

3rd Webinar

UAE : Looking Beyond COVID

4th Webinar

Digital Transformation Post COVID

5th Webinar

Employee Engagement of the Future

6th Webinar

Senior Leadership Role during COVID19


Video Analysis

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Media Coverage

University Industry Exchange Summit Coverageby Express News

Media coverage by Express News of University Industry Exchange Summit at Bahria University Islamabad, architected by AIM Consulting in collaboration with YOLO.
Guaranteed Tricks to Win World Cup 2019

Gauranteed Tricks to Win World Cup 2019

In depth analysis of multiple matches from & before World Cup 2019 to identify factors that lead to victory & qualities that ensure a winning attitude.

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