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Get to know your ‘new’ workplace & business expectations post COVID


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Opportunities only present themselves to those who are prepared! Learn the skills and behaviours required for your return to the new work environment

Define Your Future

It’s time to actively take part in discussions with top industry leaders to set the boundaries for your ‘new’ workplace


Work Re-Imagine! a call to ease your work woes!

Work Re-Imagine is a platform aiming to inspire the workforce across the board. It introduces to you, not just the new ‘normal’ at work but also ways to direct businesses towards better sustainability and growth while guiding you in adjusting to these changes. 

WR 2020 Highlights

Bring Back Memories

Let’s continue re-imagining work with WR Summit Version 2.0



Over his 15 years with Unilever Pakistan, Fawad has built a well rounded experience in various local and global roles.

Fawad Ahmed

Director Strategy & Digital Transformation


Ali has steered global billion dollar companies to success within challenging regulatory and corporate environments. 

Ali Naseer

Chief Business


Fatima has over 17 years of experience in UAE and Canada working across leading CPG’s such as Unilever, Kraft, and J & J

Fatima Hyder

Chief Strategy Officer

Harron Kanth

Haroon has over 20 years of professional work experience majorly in business and technology transformation. 

Haroon Kanth

CEO & Head of GCC

The schedule

Consumer Behavior Re-Imagine

Top brand managers & HR executives shed light on how the new consumer’s buying power and choices have shifted post-pandemic


Tech Driven Operations Flow

A talk on technologically restructured business operations to fetch far reaching positive results


Employee Owned Culture

The ambiance which employees aspire to work in will be discussed to design an employee friendly culture to boost efficiency.


Workforce Readiness

Seasoned entrepreneurs and senior leaders discuss the expectations, skillset and behavior of the future workforce


Employment Readiness

Human Resource Specialists bring the employees’ expected skill level in the spotlight to gain alignment with the present


Entrepreneur Readiness

The future of entrepreneurship is laid out based on fruitful dialogue between skilled corporate entrepreneurs using real life case studies

day1 s6

Future of "Employee Experience"

The way employees experience work has become an integral part of any business. Employee engagement and happiness levels cannot be ignored.

day2 s7

Workplace Re-Imagine

The new workplace is not business specific anymore! Employees’ physical, emotional, mental and motivational wellbeing is the new ‘normal’ at work

day2 s8

Global Talent Strategy

The new outlook of talent, recruitment and internship! Discover how businesses revamp their systems around these fields post COVID-19!

day2 s9

Actionable Developmental Tools

The gap in the reality and expectations of employee performance is addressed with a vision for their future Performance, Career, and Development.


Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Explore the overall business opportunities landscape in the entrepreneurship industry of Pakistan and know what you need to succeed

day2 s11

Virtual Job Fair

A great partnership opportunity for potential-seeking recruiters, and for job-seekers to receive mentorship from 50+ respected companies.

day2 s12

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